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I used to have a website. It had lots of great work I’ve done and other info.


Now I am the EP at Rakish for a few years. We have a better site:

But, you're here so a little bit about me. I’m Gabe, an executive producer in Los Angeles who has produced dozens and dozens of TV commercials, nearly 100 branded documentaries, a lot of multimedia content, and a short form television series.

I’m a graduate of the American Film Institute’s producing program, arguably the top film school in the world, which is pretty cool to say. 

I’ve produced shoots starring Ewan Mcgregor, Snoop Dogg, Sean Penn and many other talented people.

Gabriel Gabe Reiter About  Headshot.webp

I’ve brought projects to the screen for many clients including Target, Levi’s, Tide and dozens of Fortune 500 companies. 

I’ve turned the inside of freezers into mountains, built a sinkhole in a pizza shop, made a French Bulldog talk and turned the tennis play of Serena Williams into a song. 


I’ve produced all over the world including one project where I helped tell the stories of 41 Olympic athletes from 21 countries. That project showcased at Cannes.


I love seeing stories come to life and being there every step of the way as a creative idea blossoms from paper to screen. 


My producing philosophy starts with looking at a project from the audience’s perspective and then bringing that mindset into discussions with my director and creative partners. 


I am very driven and I love challenges. 


I am a strategic thinker who always takes a peek outside of the box. 


I like smiling more than stressing and I try not to sweat the small things. 


Producing is not my job; it’s my passion.   

“Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it.

So make it a good one.”

– Doc Brown, Back To The Future III

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